High Efficiency Centrifugal Fans

• Bhavi Plast Pvt Ltd make Non Mettalic Centrifugal Fans provide optimum    performance with minimal interruption.

• Centrifugal Fan housings are manufactured from premium grade Polyester resins (SS,    thermoplastics, engineering fluropolymers and fire retardant resins can be considered    on request) that provide excellent corrosion resistance in most chemical environments.

• The Steel Hubs are always encapsulated in FRP built from resins to provide    maximum corrosion resistance.

• Design parameters selected to improve the operational reliability and reduce    downtime.

• Efficiencies of 75-83% are normal for most of the ratings.

• Manufactured under stringent manufacturing standards using carefully controlled FRP    manufacturing procedures.

• Tested and rated in Accordance with IS 4894 before dispatch.

• Dynamically balanced Impellers to run smoother, longer.

• Our Lightweight Non metallic fans offer the flexibility to locate, where placing a     heavier Mettalic Fan is Impractical. Another benefit – Structural Requirements are     comparably    lesser than a metallic fan.

• Our commitment is that the end customer receives extended performance from every    penny invested in our fans.

• When unforeseen problems occur, you can rely on our expert repair, rebuilding and    field balancing to put the fans back into action.


High Efficiency Centrifugal Fans Questionnaire



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