IP Scrubbers

Operating Principles :

  • The gas passes up through the openings in the perforated plates (Impingement Plate stage fixed on Diaphragm plate trays) which hold a bed of liquid.
  • The secret is in the Impingement plate scrubber’s design which uses an impingement baffle above each individual hole.
  • The tiny droplets, created by the wetted baffles, are the heart of the collection process.
  • High Gas velocities through the holes result in thousands of jets which atomize the liquid into droplets of the order of 100 microns in diameter to clean the contaminated gas. . Each jet aspirates liquid from the blanket of scrubbing fluid and results in a wetted target surface on the baffle which is located just above the point of maximum velocity (vena contracta). This entraps the particles in the scrubbing liquid.
  • Continuous violent agitation of the blanket of scrubbing fluid prevents settling of particles and flushes them away. Therefore In operation, the scrubber is highly pluggage-resistant. 
  • Intimate gas/liquid contact results in the maximum collection efficiency for particles and droplets as well as absorption (mass transfer) of gases and vapors.
  • When used for absorption, low outlet emissions can be achieved by virtue of the scrubber’s countercurrent operation.
  • The Bhavi Plast Impingement Plate  Gas Scrubber is able to reduce gaseous pollutants to any desired concentration if a sufficient number of plate stages is used.


Benefits :

  • High absorption efficiency for gases and vapors. Efficiencies of upto 98-99% are possible for removal of gaseous pollutants to any desired concentration if a sufficient number of plates are used. This means high mass transfer rates can be achieved.
  • 98+% collection efficiency for particles 5 microns in size or larger.
  • These high particle collection efficiencies are achieved at a comparatively low pressure drop.







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