Static Mixtures

Bhavi Plast Pvt Ltd Make Reinforced Plastic Static Inline Mixer solves mixing problems in the continuous processes.

Principles of operation :

  • The Mixer has Fixed Left and Right hand elements in a tubular housing.
  • The fixed geometric design  produces unique flow divisions and radial mixing simultaneously.
  • In laminar flow the material being processed divides at the leading edge of each element and follows the channel created by the element shape.
  • At each succeeding element the two channels are further divided.resulting in exponential increase in stratification.
  • The number of striations produced are 2   where `n’ is the number of elements.
  • Rotational circulation of the processed material results in eliminating radial gradients in temperature , velocity and material composition.

Benefits :

  • Clean simple design
  • Element edge sealing with the mixture possible.
  • The Unique helical shape naturally fits the housing. Housing can be designed for internal pressures upto 20 Kg/Cm2.
  • Lowest pressure drop.
  • Almost certain to deliver the agreed blend , dispersion or mixing requirement specified.





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