Venturi Scrubbers

The Bhavi Plast Pvt Ltd  make Venturi scrubber efficiently collects fine particulate and mists. Capacities upto 50000 + CFM possible

Operating Principles :

  • The incoming gas is accelerated to a high velocity at the scrubber’s throat where it comes into contact with the scrubbing liquid.
  • In the Venturi Wet Scrubber Scrubbing liquid is atomised into fine droplets which entrap particles.
  • It uses the deferential between high velocity gases and free-flowing water to create droplets which entrap contaminants, hold them in suspension and deliver them as a highly concentrated slurry.
  • Downstream from the throat, the cleaned gas decelerates and the particulate-laden droplets collide and agglomerate. The large, heavy, agglomerated droplets are driven away for easy disposal.
  • Our Venturi Wet Scrubber offers more advantages in separating and recovering liquid mists and ultra-fine particulate than other gas cleaning methods.

Benefits :

  • Simple in design, yet highly efficient, this Venturi Wet Scrubber incorporates features calculated to maximize collection efficiency while minimizing operating and maintenance costs.
  • It is non clogging , has a simple method of introducing the scrubbing liquid and can be provided with an adjustable throat for optimising efficiency
  • Flooded elbow is provided to collect agglomerated particulate which provides a barrier to scrubber wear and tear.
  • Divergent section for energy regain, reducing power consumption and resultant operating costs.







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