Chemical Process Tanks

Bhavi Plast Pvt. Ltd. Make chemical process tanks are a comprehensive range of reinforced plastic Tanks , representing the finest equipment's available in the industry today.

At Bhavi  Plast Pvt Ltd Vessel design starts with an analysis of the operating environment which include .

  • The solution being stored or processed, along with the solution temperature,
  • Capacity, style of construction
  • vacuum or pressure,
  • wind load, seismic forces,
  • corrosion allowances,
  • as well as any loads imposed by agitation, platforms, or any other reason, are then analyzed

To provide the most cost effective laminate design and fabrication method.

  • Well established engineering relationships have been computerized by us to aid in the evaluation of many alternative designs
  • Predicted laminate properties like tensile strength, flexural strength and modulus and others can immediately be verified .
  • We manufacture fiberglass vessels with various thermosetting resins such as modified polyesters, vinyl esters, epoxy etc . For extremely aggressive environments where none of the above will suffice, We can offer dual laminate construction with a variety of thermoplastic and engineering fluro polymer liners.
  • All equipment fabricated are of finest quality, and are  manufactured in accordance with the latest desi.

               • For Hand Lay Up / Contact Molded fabrications : ASTM D - 4097                  Contact Molded Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoset resin Chemical                  Resitant Tanks.

             • For filament Wound fabrications: ASTM D-3299 Specification for                 Filament Wound Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Resin                               Chemical Resistant Tanks.




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