Counter Current Packed Bed Scrubbers

Operating Principle :

  • High Velocity , Contaminanted , Noxious Gas enters a large plenum chamber , wherein the velocity is reduced to provide even gas distribution across the bottom of the Packing support grid.
  • The contaminated gas moves slowly through a bed of specifically selected packings which creates a tortuous labyrinth causing the gas to be completely mixed and absorbed into , or reacted with the recirculating scrubbing liquid wash solution.
  • The counter current flow of gas and recirculating scrubbing liquid wash solution maintains an absorption driving force throughout the entire depth of the packed bed.
  • Fresh make up solution is added to the solution being recirculated to compensate for evaporation and to keep the absorbed contaminant concentration in an effective absorption range.
  • The Spray Header ,  Weir Trough Dustributor  evenly distribute the wash solution over the top of the packing bed by specially selected Non Clog Spray Nozzles.
  • Clean gas then flows through a chevron type / High Efficiency Mesh Pad Mist Eliminator preventing mist carryover .
  • The wash solution is collected in the recirculation sump sized large enough to provide a positive head for the recirculation pump.

Benefits :

  • Upto 99 %  efficiencies can be achieved in many applications. For difficult conditions the same can be customised.
  • The pressure drop across the scrubber is lowest of the class.
  • Low recirculation solution and make up rates required.
  • Rugged construction , thick continuously reinforced corners , well designed packing support plates ensure negligible or low maintainance costs.
  • Many standard sizes covering air volumes upto 30000 CFM ensure tooling and drawings are readily available.

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