Pulse Jet Fabric Filter

• Pulse jet Fabric Filters operating for virtually every industry application –                     Protecting the quality of air we breath.

• Our Pulse jet Fabric Filters are a new design in pulse jet dust collection.

• Offer High collection efficiencies required for compliance to stringent                          environmental regulations.

• Pulse jet Fabric Filters designed by working closely with our customers specific            requirement . We have pioneered many fabric filter design breakthroughs and               industrial application milestones.

• Benefits of true economy passed on to the plant owner by the new pulse jet    fabric    filters designed to reduce

• Installation costs (Standard sizes completely fabricated and dispatched ready for     easy economical site installation )

• Maintenance (Large access doors for ease of inspection and maintenance.)

• Replacement Parts (completely Tool-less pulse pipe & Bag changes)

• Energy cost (“on demand” cleaning regulated by collector pressure drop).

• Dust collectors available in standard sizes. Custom sizes can be offered for        specific applications.

• An even pressure drop is maintained by all Pulse jet dust collectors by periodic    on    - line compressed air cleaning. This low volume air is multiplied by an efficient             venturi design which effectively cleans the entire length of the filter bag.

• Because we make all of our own collectors, we can custom design a valve sizes     and venturi combinations to meet    any air volume cleaning requirement.


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